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The Food Behind The Dancer

I had a dance teacher growing up whom I will never forget. Her name is Amy Waddle (visit her blog Dancing With ED), herself an eating disorder survivor, she often spoke to our ballet class about the importance of proper nutrition as a dancer. She once told my dance class that there is no such thing as “bad food.” There is just foods that will give you more good stuff then other foods.

This concept rocked my world. Continue reading “The Food Behind The Dancer”


The Girl Behind The Mirror

When I was in junior high, I started taking classes at a local dance studio; I was placed in a group of girls my age, those of which had all been dancing competitively since a very young age. This, as you can imagine, was very intimidating to me. However, being the tenacious, outgoing girl I am, I jumped full speed into the dance world. I, being a chubby 13 year old (hadn’t gotten my growth spurt yet), started to realize that I wasn’t as thin as the other girls around me. Girls at my studio would brag about how they hadn’t eaten all day, and how their clothes were starting to get loose on them. We had no idea how dangerous these things we were stepping into truly were. Continue reading “The Girl Behind The Mirror”

They Just Wanna Dance

As a dance studio we do not attend dance competitions for two reasons; the first is because most parents are sick of paying high prices for dance costumes, traveling, and competitions/conventions fees.
Some may ask how will I challenge my students without attending competitions? Continue reading “They Just Wanna Dance”

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